We will soon be having our official Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Coastlands PTA, but please don’t get put off it’s not that bad!!

The AGM is something that we have to do, as we fundraise for the school the PTA has its own bank account and so we are required to follow some procedures. We keep financial records of our spending so we can prove we are supporting the education of our pupils at Coastlands. Our Treasurer has this job, currently Ros Llewellin and at the AGM she will give a break down of monies raised and spent over the last year.

The secretary of the PTA is me, Louise Beal, I have the responsibility of getting communication out to parents and those involved in the PTA. Notes are also taken at PTA meetings to form a record to backup our spending, but mostly to remind us what we’re currently working on. It also provides a cheat sheet for the next time we run an event, we can look back to see how we did it last time! Luckily note taking tends to be shared around and spelling mistakes skimmed over!

A chairperson is also required, this position is currently empty and so Ros and myself have been acting chairperson when required. The chairperson can do as much or as little as they like, they are a signatory on the bank account and their main responsibility would be to keep us on track and maintain order at the meeting- luckily they’re normally not too rowdy!

For the T in PTA we have a link teacher Miss E Thomas (class 2) and it’s a fab coincidence that the surname begins with T! Miss Thomas’ role is to gather staff opinions and ideas and bring them to the meeting and relay ours back. Part of the reason we are trying early morning meetings is so we can have a teacher at the meeting without taking them away from teaching our children. Having a teacher present at the meeting makes planning and suggestions much easier and ensures we are all working together as a team towards what the school and children need to enhance their educational opportunities.

Mr Voros as headteacher attends the meetings when he can, but is always updated and signs off items as appropriate and will occasionally have to give the thumbs down to some of our ideas – PTA research in the Bahamas?!

At the AGM the roles of Treasurer , Secretary and Chairperson will be up for grabs, if you feel you would like to take on a role please come along. However don’t let this put you off, you won’t be forced in to a role if you don’t want it! The AGM will also be a chance to plan some ideas for 2018, is there something you would like the PTA to be involved in? We really do need as many parents involved as possible, so please come along ( there’s always tea and coffee, sometimes biscuits!!) and say hello.