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Welcome back!

A big welcome back to parents, careers, children and staff this week. It’s been great to recharge and to prepare for the term ahead, but it’s not the same without the children of Coastlands. Inset day On Monday we had our Inset day. We spent this day doing a number of things, all focussed on our improvement plan fo this year. We started the

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Nadolig Llawen!

What an end to the term. I must extend a personal thanks again to every child, family and staff member for their kindness, support and general chats through this term. We’ve had parties, we’ve had games, we’ve had Christmas-based Numeracy and Literacy and we’ve had great FUN doing it. We have as well had a Christmas Assembly today to celebrate the meaning of the

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The end is nigh

We are quickly approaching the end of the term. This week has been action-packed. It couldn’t have happened without the support of children, parents and staff. Where to start? Let’s go back to the start of the week….   Rehearsals and our Concert We were busily rehearsing at the start of the week for our Christmas Carol Service. We’ve tried this year to keep

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It’s beginning to look a lot like….December

Another huge week for us at the school this week. It is important that I acknowledge everyone who has helped to make the week be as successful as it can be. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! We also appreciate those who have given ideas or suggestions to make things better. At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goal: giving

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The last embers of the month of November

Only a short blog from me this week, I’m afraid. There will be LOTS to share next week. Digital Leaders Don’t forget that applications are open for our school digital leaders. If you are interested in applying, please visit this link: ¬†¬† We will be looking at applications at the beginning of next week. Eco Committee It’s lovely to welcome our Eco committee. They

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All different, all equal

Anti-bullying week is drawing to a close. During the week we have thought in two assemblies about not just the impact of bullying, but also how we can start by making positive changes to how we behave. The damage that bullying can do is long-lasting. In assembly on Friday we used a piece of paper as an example. Every nasty thing or action done

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Criw Cymraeg Blog – 17th November 2017

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Remember, remember, it’s already November

Welcome back, everyone. We hope you had a super Noson Tan Gwyllt. (Fireworks Night) Pupil Voice Our School Council and Criw Cymraeg had their first official meetings this week. Expect a short report from them through our website next week. Behind the Scenes A lot of different things happening this week. We met with other schools in the Milford Cluster to plan our Digital

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Harmony, Harvest and Half Term

It’s been an incredibly busy week at the school, at the end of an incredibly busy half term. Two words from me: THANK YOU! Parent Evenings This week saw many parents and carers come to discuss their child’s progress. Thanks to those who spent some time chatting to me while they were waiting. So good to get to know more of you during the

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Gone with the wind!

The week has blown to an end. It’s important I say a huge thank you to families for their patience and understanding during what was a peculiar day on Monday. I spoke to a number of parents through the morning. We checked the weather on a regular basis through the morning. The children were safe inside school, but my biggest concern was safe travel

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