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Harmony, Harvest and Half Term

It’s been an incredibly busy week at the school, at the end of an incredibly busy half term. Two words from me: THANK YOU! Parent Evenings This week saw many parents and carers come to discuss their child’s progress. Thanks to those who spent some time chatting to me while they were waiting. So good to get to know more of you during the

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Gone with the wind!

The week has blown to an end. It’s important I say a huge thank you to families for their patience and understanding during what was a peculiar day on Monday. I spoke to a number of parents through the morning. We checked the weather on a regular basis through the morning. The children were safe inside school, but my biggest concern was safe travel

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Hwyl a sbri!

What a wonderful Welsh end to the week. As raising standards in Welsh is one of our areas to develop this year, it’s been great to embrace the Welsh language even further through the day. Diolch yn fawr iawn i’r Criw Cymraeg heddiw. Olivia spoke to me whilst we ate our lunch last week and suggested that serving “Moctels” would be a fun way

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Politics and Pupil Voice

Another week at Coastlands CP draws to a close. The nights are getting darker, the days colder,  but the learning and attitudes of our learners burn brightly. Our first round of pupil voice elections took place this week. We have elected our Criw Cymraeg and School Council. If your child has missed out on a position so far, please remember that we will be

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Poetry, PTA, Pieces of Cake, Parental Engagement and Governors!

Every week is a busy week here at Coastlands CP. The PTA met at the end of last week. It was wonderful to see so many keen faces there. I hope to join the group at the next meeting as well as Miss Thomas, who is representing our staff. They have committed to purchasing some significant items for further improving our school. They have

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A “Peace” of the action

This week has been a week of much learning. The children have taken part in Peace Day, considering how they can make a difference as a future generation to peace and harmony around our world.   Speaking of making a difference, it’s important to remember that we will soon be having our Pupil Voice votes. (Pupil Voice being all of the groups that children

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Our First Full Week!

It’s been a wonderful first full week back at the school. My thanks go to the pupils, parents and staff that have made this a super start to the term. Children will bring home their home-school link books today. It’s taken some time to get them printed for us, hence the delay. Your child (Or in case of our youngest, staff) will fill in

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Every Lesson Counts!

We celebrated the end of our first (sort of) week of the new year on Friday. We talked together about the importance of attending school every day wherever possible. Improving attendance is one of the recommendations that was made from the school’s inspection last academic year. Counting up the days 90% Attendance sounds like a lot, but we spoke together about what this meant,

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Hello world!

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Well, it’s an exciting time here at the school. A reminder that we have two days of INSET training. Why have two days at the start of term, you may ask. We have a number of recommendations left with us from the school’s inspection back in March. As a result, we want to make sure that all of the staff are fully clear on

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