Au revior!

Well, it’s a final goodbye from me. It’s been wonderful to see the hard work that’s been undertaken by a number of staff ahead of the new academic year. Mrs John has been the painting queen, and lots of the school looks fresh and vibrant.

The new classroom is up and running, and some of the staff have spent a lot of time clearing out and preparing for what will be a very different and engaging place to learn for the Foundation Phase. Something unique to the Milford Area and a true Foundation Phase for the children.

It truly will be a new chapter for the school next week, led by a very enthused and very capable Mrs Groves.

You will have to see the changes for yourself, but I certainly wish the boys and girls the very best of luck for their first days back in school week. Have an amazing year! Best wishes for the future, and thanks again to those that have supported, challenged and been part of my time at Coastlands.

Mr V.


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