Musical Madness!

It’s been another busy week that’s flown by at Coastlands this week. It’s been disappointing not to get out to the gate very much this week, but things have been quite unusual.


Apologies that reports didn’t get out today. When you read on you may get an idea why we will have to wait for Monday. Please watch your child’s bag on Monday for LOTS of mail – Report in a sealed envelope, with a copy of this year’s report from Governors and National Test Results. Also, your free child entrance for the County Show.



Mrs Davies (Class 3) and I have been on training for Pie Corbett’s “Talk for Writing”. This is something that we use in parts of the school already, but will look to adopt across the whole school, and the whole cluster, in September. It’s a great way to support children to do brilliant writing, by first focusing on speaking. We will provide lots of information over the forthcoming months. You can visit for more information.


As a cluster, we will be looking to work together on more things over the coming year, pooling our resources with schools in the Milford Area and growing as individual schools and as a cluster. After all, what is the point in doing something different in Coastlands School, if St. Francis, or Gelliswick are doing something different? That way, all children enter the comprehensive school at the same place with the same knowledge and skills!


New Staff!

I have applied for funding from the Local Authority from Small and Rural Schools and have been successful in securing funding for this year. As a result, we are delighted to be able announce that we have appointed a teacher who will work within Foundation Phase with Miss Thomas and Mrs Groves. The funding is used to support the Headteacher to be able to provide a consistent teacher in the class in their place when they are attending to their leadership duties.

Miss Caitlin Jones will join the staff for around two days a week in a temporary capacity from September. She taught in Class 1 this week, bringing her reading dog along as part of her lesson. Many pupils from our pupil voice groups were impressed with her warm and kind attitude, love of the outdoors and her passion for reducing the use of plastic. Miss Jones will be at the school next Wednesday to get to know pupils and take part in induction and pupil handover.


Year 5 had a great time earlier this week as part of their PE transition with the comprehensive school. They came back for a well deserved (very) late lunch. What a lovely opportunity.


And today, we were able to welcome Joel from Upbeat Wales – He delivered drumming sessions – Both Samba and African Drums across the whole school, followed by a quick concert outside to finish the day. A lovely day and enjoyed by everyone.


Our half price book fair takes place next week. Basically, every book you see costs half as much. It’s less commission for the school, but our thought was that it gives families a chance to buy really high quality books for the summer for a cheaper price.  Even sale items are half price. Top tips:

  • Have a look for a book you like early on in the week. If the book sells out early on, we can order it to arrive when books are collected a week on Monday.
  • We will open the fair at break times for bus children to be able to access it, as well as after school on Monday to Friday.
  • Refunds can be hard to arrange – as it depends on condition of the items, otherwise we are liable for them. Please be clear to your child if they are allowed to spend money on “Other” items such as stationary / notepads / etc or just books and how much they can spend.

We will hand out vouchers for money off books to 100% attenders from this week on Monday. Who will be the lucky winners? Find out on Monday!

Lots going on next week. Don’t forget our BBQ on Tuesday!


Have a great weekend.


Mr V.



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