Belated Blog!

Well, what a week that was! Back in to the swing of things very quickly here at Coastlands CP after our break.

It’s been lovely to catch up with the children about their holiday time and the fun activities they have been up to.

The children have been learning about houses, homes and the local and wider area in our “Out and About” theme. I look forward to seeing where their ideas will lead this term.

We came straight back to an Inset Day on Monday. Teaching staff were at Gelliswick School, sharing the work of our learners and the standards they are reaching. There were many compliments about the quality of our work in Welsh. It’s this Welsh that we continue to see in and around the school being used at such a high standard. A special thank you to Archie for asking our Ymamdrodd Yr Wythnos (Phrase of the week) to lots of the visitors who came to our school last week.

We’ve welcomed many visitors through our doors this week. Visitors who are interested in working with the children at Coastlands School. They have travelled from different places, and have given lovely feedback about the wonderful school and learners they have seen.

I appreciate that for the school there is uncertainty at a time of great change. When speaking with Governors they felt it important to reassure you that the changes to be made will be for positive results. Whilst a time of some sadness and uncertainty, it is also a time of great excitement for the next chapter of the school. The Governors and I will keep you updated as the next few weeks progress.

Working Party!

A MASSIVE thanks to Mrs Burton and the PTA for organising our working party at the school yesterday. We welcomed pupils, parents, governors and staff who came to give our Garden a facelift!

The volunteers stayed for over two hours. They worked hard, and the results were clear to see. Thank you for making such a difference. We couldn’t have done it without your hard work.


You may find that the blog becomes a little shorter and infrequent over the coming weeks. The posts that are currently advertised will close on Friday of next week, and we will have considerable work to do in making sure that things are sorted for the academic year ahead. Following this, there will also be significant work in making sure that children get a chance to be familiar with their new Teacher and Headteacher ahead of September.

A reminder, that we will have our national tests starting at some point next week from Years 2-6. It is important that the children are here as regularly as they can be to complete these tests. The Government have been clear about their purpose:


The tests will help you to track your pupil’s performance, which, in turn, should assist in identifying areas for further development within your schools.


As a school, it is about celebrating all of the things that your child is able to do well, and seeing where the next steps are in learning. Results and information will be provided about this as part of your child’s report later in the term.



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