Our Attendance is on the rise!

A huge congratulations to our families and children for the improving attendance over the last two months. Our school has been highlighted by the Local Authority for the improvements made:

As it stands, we were the sixth best school for attendance in the month of February. This is a huge achievement. The Governors and School would like to thank you for supporting us with this.

As I said on the blog on Friday, we as a school understand that genuine illness happens. We have statutory duties to follow and inspection recommendations to try and improve. This can only be done in partnership with our wonderful families.

I am 100% committed over this academic year to supporting the school to be removed from it’s category of “Estyn Monitoring”, ensuring that the school is in a strong position moving forward next year. I as a Head never mean anything personal for families in reminding and challenging around attendance. Simply to ensure that a: Learners are safe if they haven’t arrived at school and b: Children receive their right to an education as much of the time as possible.

Da iawn pawb.


Mr V.


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