Our procedures in case of snow

Dear Parent / Carer,

Just a quick reminder for families with the exciting prospect of a dusting of snow tomorrow. In the event of weather forcing the school to close:

-The first place to look will be the Pembrokeshire County Council Closure Page (https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/school-closures) They will then tweet out on the Pembrokeshire Twitter and also Pembrokeshire Facebook and inform local media.

-We will then tweet out (www.twitter.com/coastlandsnews)

-We will send a message via our app -We will post on our webpage

-We will then begin to contact families via phone

Please do remember that the school only has one phone line, and if we are receiving a large number of phone calls asking if we are closed, it may delay the process of letting families know in the event of closure. Can I please urge you to try these other options before ringing first. Also, to be reassured that an adult will stay with children until they can be safely collected. Many thanks for your continued support. (This letter will come home on paper today)


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