Out with the winter blues…

Well, well, well….The days are starting to get a little lighter. The clouds are lifting. We even had a dry spell this week to enjoy our play outside. (It’s still cold, but we can’t have it all!)

Foundation Phase

It’s been lovely to see the changes that Mrs Thorpe and Miss Goodridge were making last week in Class 1 having such an impact on independent learning and engagement this week. Lynne Kelleher, Foundation Phase Adviser from ERW, spent the whole day on Friday working with staff to ensure that areas were clear to the children, resources easily accessible for independent play and learning and that children can develop skills they are learning in tasks with grown-ups. We remain committed to providing the best experiences that we can for the increasing numbers of young learners in the school.

The children enjoyed their visits to the Travel Agents in Milford Haven and down to the Marina. It’s really helped them to develop their own play by understanding what actually happens in the real world. Our thanks to the local businesses who’ve helped with this during the week.

Flying High

The children in Class 2 this week have enjoyed their time learning about the very first “flying machines”, sequencing the history of flight by date. They have been using Beebots to program directions and thinking carefully about the feelings of others, respecting the diversity of people from all different walks of life in their PSD work as well.

Fact Finding

The learners in Class 3 been taking part in a competition this week to write reports about Climate Change. It’s super to see them putting their literacy skills to such good use.


School Categorisation

You may have seen from various media outlets yesterday that Schools have been categorised across Wales. Our school is currently categorised as Amber, a move from Yellow last year. The school’s leadership has changed and there are points to improve following the inspection. The process of categorisation has also changed to a move of support as well as challenge. Schools are given days of support by the Local Authority depending on their need. If you do wish for more detailed information about this process, you are very welcome to get in touch with me. There is a parental guide produced by the Welsh Government which you can find here for more information.


Attendance News

We’ve had a visit from James White, the head of Performance for Pembrokeshire County Council this week. He came to visit the school with Christine Mathias, who is the Acting Attendance Lead for the County. They shared the same areas of concern that we have as a school around supporting families to improve attendance. We will continue to work with families to support great attendance, meaning that children get a great chance at the very best future when they leave Coastlands. We have sent some letters out this week around attendance and will continue to flag up when it is below our target as a school. The children are looking forward to sending home some materials around the importance of attendance. Look out for those next week in your child’s bag.

Our Year 6 children have enjoyed their film experience this week. Well deserved after their 100% victory last week.

This week, Year 5 are the winners. We asked them for their ideas for an attendance reward, and they selected to join Year 6 to make it a joint treat this afternoon. It’s wonderful to see our older learners taking their right to an education so  seriously. Well done!


This week 78 children were in school every single day. What an amazing achievement. Llongyfarchiadau!

And Finally…..

We received an email from our Pupil Support Officer, Kim Waters, yesterday afternoon. She was telling us our attendance figure for January. It’s 96.04% ! Almost 10% above last month and above our school target.

To celebrate, we have organised a series of lovely activities  to celebrate Welsh Music Day next week. (9th February)

On Wednesday 7th of February, we will have a visit from Bethan Rhiannon. She is a member of the band Calan. She is coming to work with each of the classes to show some traditional Welsh instruments and to do some folk dancing.

On Welsh Music Day, I’ve borrowed some disco lights so that each class can have a mini Welsh Disco. No need for any special clothing, just bring your dancing feet!

Lots of things happening here next week. Stay tuned for more updates!




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