Welcome back!

A big welcome back to parents, careers, children and staff this week. It’s been great to recharge and to prepare for the term ahead, but it’s not the same without the children of Coastlands.

Inset day

On Monday we had our Inset day. We spent this day doing a number of things, all focussed on our improvement plan fo this year. We started the day by talking together about keeping our learners safe. LSAs then had some mathematics training with Kate Andrews, advisory teacher for maths. They were learning about reasoning skills, how to develop deeper understanding of maths through mastery, and using apparatus to support confidence in maths learning.
Teaching staff have been preparing to use the Abacus scheme to enrich maths lessons. This scheme provides challenging outcomes for all children, something that Estyn had recommended the school does more of. It also provides interactive activities and games as well as formal “maths questions”. We are hoping to have some additional training around the scheme during the Spring term, and will invite you in to learn more about it following this.

The school’s Governors then came to deliver a session asking about the school’s culture of continuous improvement. They wanted to challenge that we as a staff are thinking carefully about what have done, reflected on it, but also planned the next steps. This is something I firmly believe as a Headteacher and hope is clear in any interactions I have with families:

We can’t always get it right, but we can always get it better.

The staff listed the many ways that we are now doing this as a school. We will share more of soon, as I hope Mrs Mecklenburgh, Vice Chair, will write a little for you about this on the blog.

The first week back

The children have been keenly starting to ask questions, wonder and recall their knowledge about different modes of transport for our theme of “Off We Go” We are thinking about further changes to our topics over the coming year, and I look forward to consulting with the school council about some of these changes next week.


We’ve sent home important letters today. There are some forthcoming dates and other information that may be useful. Please check your child’s coat, bag or book bag today. Letters will also be available in our SCHOOL APP which is “officially” launching today. You will find a link to the most recent blog on the app as well from now on. If you think of something we can try to include in the app (we may be limited by the technology, but I love a tecchy challenge) please let us know.

Link on iPhones / iPads – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ourschoolsapp/id653040028?mt=8

Link on Android Phones / Tablets – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truancycall.ourschoolsapp



Congratulations to Reception and Full-time Nursery who had the highest attendance this week. They will be the recipients of an extra five minutes of play for both playtimes today! Da iawn pawb .

Looking forward to the week ahead!

Mr V.


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