The end is nigh

We are quickly approaching the end of the term. This week has been action-packed. It couldn’t have happened without the support of children, parents and staff. Where to start? Let’s go back to the start of the week….


Rehearsals and our Concert

We were busily rehearsing at the start of the week for our Christmas Carol Service. We’ve tried this year to keep our rehearsal time to a minimum to keep our focus on standards and learning through to the end of term. The children have worked so hard to prepare in a shorter amount of time, and did a great job at our carol service.

The date for our service was set back in August and then shared with parents in October. It was unfortunate that there was a clash with the Church’s event this year. Something we hope to, if possible in a very busy place, avoid next year.

The children sang, read and performed wonderfully at our service. Again, a pleasure to spend more time with our families. I would like to thank every single parent and carer who made the effort to bring their child / children back after school on a blustery and rainy night. I’d also like to extend again my sincere thanks to Moriah Baptist Chapel for accommodating the school so freely. Next year, we look to hold a Christmas play / performance.



A huge congratulations to Mrs W Davies, the Criw Cymraeg and rest of the school population this week. We have been successful in achieving the “Bronze Award” for the Starter Iaith. You will be aware that the school had started preparations for this award just around a year ago, and in that time has managed to achieve almost every single criteria to attain the award. It’s only part of the hard work that has been done to meet recommendation one by Estyn : “To raise standards in Welsh”.

Oh yes they did….

The children had a lovely time at the pantomime in the Torch Theatre. A lovely way to spend the morning (And early afternoon…) after a busy few day.

Eco visit and football fever 

On Friday, an even busier day for us as a school community. We had a visit from Fenton School’s Eco Committee. They are looking to try and make their school a more eco-friendly place, and thought that Coastlands School was the place to come and look for excellent practice.

Mrs Burton, our resident “Eco Queen” spent time with them, along with our Eco Committee. They shared what has been done at Coastlands with years of hard work, developing our outdoor and indoor areas to make our school a friendly place.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents and volunteers that take such an active part in our school community. This is something that I know both Governors and School Staff are so grateful for.

Fenton also brought some footballers to fill up their bus (To make it an eco-friendly journey) They also brought along a familiar face, Mr Evans, who organised the events of the afternoon. Thank you for doing this!

The Challenge of progress

While all of this was taking place on Friday, we received a visit from our Challenge Adviser, Mr Austin. He spoke to other staff and I about the progress we are making against our recommendations from Estyn.

In almost every area we are making progress to improve. An aspect that continues to be a challenge is attendance. I respectfully understand that children have been ill, and that we have had a number of tummy bugs during this last fortnight. I also equally understand that Winter is a time of more illness generally. We all get ill at some point and this time of is necessary.

However, I need to share with you honestly that we have received our figures for attendance for November. We are currently ranked as the third worst performing school in the whole of Pembrokeshire for attendance.

If the school is unable to raise its attendance overall from the figure achieved last year, there could be the potential of the school being placed into a more significant improvement category by this time next year. This could lead to serious ramifications for the school and what we are able to offer.


I look forward to continuing to work with you around these recommendations next term. The key is that we continue to develop a successful partnership. My biggest concern and focus, always, is that the children are receiving the best education that they can with us here at Coastlands.

We will publish an end of term newsletter for you online next week and also share some exciting electronic communication news……stay tuned!!!







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