All different, all equal

Anti-bullying week is drawing to a close. During the week we have thought in two assemblies about not just the impact of bullying, but also how we can start by making positive changes to how we behave.

The damage that bullying can do is long-lasting. In assembly on Friday we used a piece of paper as an example. Every nasty thing or action done makes a crumple in the paper. While you can straighten out the paper again, you can see every crease and crumple. It’s never flat again. Think carefully about how you speak to others, and if you have a problem or concern, boys and girls must share it with us as soon as they can.

I know myself that that is the hardest part of when you have a problem. You think to yourself “This is going to make the problem worse. They will be more unkind to me.” I know from my own experiences  that after telling someone about problems that I had gone through for a number of years, I thought “I wish I’d told someone sooner!”.

Behind the scenes this week!

During this week and last week, I have spent time in each class looking at learning and teaching. I must say that every young person has been a credit to their parents, carers and families. A kind welcome, smiles, and a keen desire to share learning and work with me. I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing the learning from 15 learners and the 60 books they brought along. Thank you so much!

We will look at what we do well as a school in our lessons, and improve areas that need improving over the next half term and beyond.


Calendar and Communication

Letters have been sent out with a reminder and additional dates to the end of December. Please look at these carefully and put them somewhere safe.

We’ve updated our calendar today with events shared in the letter earlier this week. A version of that letter has also been put on this website. My aim is, where we can, to send out early warnings about events, and a reminder closer to the date. We won’t always manage this, so urge you to view our Twitter feed and to use this website where possible. The Twitter feed now appears on the right hand side of our home page to support families who do not partake in social media.



Winners of our attendance treat this week were Year 5. Congratulations. They won a “Pudsey Priority Pass” to go to the front of the lunch queue. What a great example you are setting.



A reminder to please complete questionnaires provided by the school. These will again help us to further improve what we provide for your children and you as families. If you need the link, please let us know.





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