Gone with the wind!

The week has blown to an end.

It’s important I say a huge thank you to families for their patience and understanding during what was a peculiar day on Monday. I spoke to a number of parents through the morning. We checked the weather on a regular basis through the morning. The children were safe inside school, but my biggest concern was safe travel home, knowing that water levels would continue to rise around the peninsula, and that some roads could become tricky should trees and debris start to fall. A big thank you as well to the staff who gave up lunch time to make sure children had full tummies to go home.

Keeping in the loop

I spoke in September about looking at other means of communication. Many parents use our twitter page. A reminder that you don’t have to sign up or use twitter to see our “feed”. You can visit http://www.twitter.com/coastlandsnews at any time without registering. We will be in touch soon about options for keeping in touch quickly with families very soon.


It’s been a pleasure to welcome our Governors this week. On Thursday, they visited classrooms looking at displays, provision and talked to learners. They also looked at the progress children are making in their books. The Governors are continuing to develop their leadership of the school this year and will support and challenge the school to have the biggest impact on the achievement of every learner.

Wear it Wild

A great opportunity as a school today to think about how the number of wild animals from tigers to rhinos could become endangered during our lifetimes. The numbers of these wild animals have shrunk over the last thirty years. The children had great fun dressing up, but we shared important messages about caring for the future of wild animals across the globe.


A big congratulations to this weeks winning year group, Year 1. This week’s reward is a Really Wild Extra Playtime! We have a new system across the County for managing our school data, so I will post up the full attendance at the start of next week. A big push to half term to try and do our very last learning before a well-deserved break.


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