Hwyl a sbri!

What a wonderful Welsh end to the week. As raising standards in Welsh is one of our areas to develop this year, it’s been great to embrace the Welsh language even further through the day. Diolch yn fawr iawn i’r Criw Cymraeg heddiw. Olivia spoke to me whilst we ate our lunch last week and suggested that serving “Moctels” would be a fun way to get children talking Welsh that they’d seen at the Criw Cymraeg event. When the Criw approached Mrs Davies, she worked with them to put on a fabulous event in the hall. Diolch tîm, a diolch Mrs Davies.

In that spirit, this week’s attendance reward was a little piece of Wales, quite literally. Welsh Cakes! It was Reception who won AGAIN this week, with 99% attendance. Check out the strong attendance in many year groups this week. “Awwww! I didn’t win!” you might say? Well, your chance to win starts again today. What will next weeks reward be?


Nursery – 85.71%

Reception – 99.00%

Year 1 – 97.22%

Year 2 – 97.78%

Year 3 – 93.33%

Year 4 – 90.00%

Year 5 – 97.50%

Year 6 – 90.00%


We wish to continue to work with and support families around good attendance. Families may receive some letters next week with a summary of current attendance if below 90%. It is important that the children are here, when well and fit, every day. The school want to do everything they can to facilitate this.


I’ve met with Governors this week to take part in some training. This group of Governors will visit classes next week, chat with learners and look at work as well. This will be a regular, half-termly feature of our school calendar. Expect to see more of:

Mr. Mike Cottam

Mrs Louise Beal

Mrs Rosemary Mecklenburgh

Mrs Fran Jones

They are our School Improvement Committee, and will be supporting the school to continue its work to provide the best provision and raise the standards that we can reach. We will share more of their work and involvement over the coming weeks.


Diolch pawb.



Mr V.



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