Every Lesson Counts!

We celebrated the end of our first (sort of) week of the new year on Friday. We talked together about the importance of attending school every day wherever possible.

Improving attendance is one of the recommendations that was made from the school’s inspection last academic year.

Counting up the days

90% Attendance sounds like a lot, but we spoke together about what this meant, compared to 100% and 80%.

Being in school 100% of the time means not missing a single day of school, being in every lesson, not missing any weeks or months from learning.


90% is the equivalent of missing half a day every week. Imagine grown-ups telling your boss that you were not going to be there for half of a day every week!

This equates to a week and 2 days every term. (Depending on the term length.)

A total of 4 weeks every year.

Between Year 1 and 5, this would be the same as missing 20 weeks off!


80% is the equivalent of missing a day every week.

2 Weeks and 4 days a term.

2 months a year…

Between Year 1 and Year 5………..A whole year off school!

At Coastlands we understand that pupils sometimes get ill. We are just asking you to think carefully about taking time off for sniffles that may pass quickly. Also, to please continue working with the school to consider term-time holidays carefully. The advantages of cheaper holiday costs are of course a benefit, but look above at the effect this could have on your child’s education.



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